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Vegan accessories

Many of the styles you will see here at Marie Pace, or on display at my art events, are constructed from Ultrasuede® HP. This superior performance textile is a product from the originators of micro-fiber suede fabric.

Ultrasuede® textiles are designed and manufactured with a passion for excellence and a commitment to being environmentally responsible. The Ultrasuede® products that I choose for my work are made with 100% recycled ultra-micro-fiber.

Ultrasuede® HP qualities include:

These are VEGAN accessories (no animal products used)

• Natural-looking suede surface

• Soft, plush, sensuous feel

• Excellent breathability and comfort to the skin

• Superior resistance to crocking, pilling, fraying, stretching

• Excellent color-fastness

• Spot cleanable and machine washable

• Manufactured under conditions defining today’s most advanced environmentally secure standards

The care instructions for Ultrasuede® products should be called CAREFREE instructions!

From my decades of experience in working with the cloth, I have never needed more than a sticky roller type lint remover. Gently patting a soil spot with a dampened lint-free cloth or sponge will clean away any spills that may occur. Use of a soft bristle brush will help to pick up the nap and eliminate soil building up on corners.

Occasionally after long term and extreme use, I will take a dampened and well-wrung cloth or sponge and dust the entire surface of the bag. Re-dampen your cloth or sponge in clean water, wipe again, and let the item air dry. Your bag will continue to look brand new indefinitely by following these instructions.

Most of the styles, depending on construction and design techniques employed, are also machine washable. I suggest cold water, mild detergent on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Gent;y machine washing with care will often add years of use to a bag.

For EXTREME oil based stains not removable with water, the manufacturer recommends the use of ethyl alcohol. Take two rags, one soaked in ethyl alcohol, the other clean and dry. Pat the stained area with the alcohol-soaked cloth, then pat the loosened dirt and oil off with the dry cloth. Repeat depending on degree of soiling. I once used this method on a fairly large ball-point ink stain with amazing results.


The cleaning process that I recommend for the tapestries is very much the same as that for Ultrasuede®. Gently spot cleaning with a dampened cloth or sponge will take care of most spots or spills, and employment of the ethyl alcohol method on severe oil based stains is also recommended.